Last updated: July 2020

We take everyone's right to privacy extremely seriously at Aurita - probably to our detriment by not exploiting opportunities that other businesses might take. Privacy and security is part of our DNA and it's no coincidence that a number of our apps were created for just that. We are not a marketing company where you are the product - we're a software development business. A major part of our business is developing mobile applications for other businesses. Apps published under our own name were in most cases developed either for our children, our own privacy and security needs, related to personal interests and hobbies, or as technical showcases for our business. We have no desire to collect personal information for ourselves, nor to facilitate the collection of personal information for the benefit of third parties.

This website is hosted on Microsoft Azure in an Australian region. We use Microsoft's analytics services with this website for quality purposes only. No personal information is collected by this site.

For privacy policies specific to our published apps, including use of any analytics, error reporting, or advertising services within those apps, please follow the relevant links.


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