Last updated: December 2017

We're able to keep this statement fairly brief for you because we (Aurita - the developer and publisher) do not request or knowingly collect and store any personal and identifiable information through the Crazy Stories Alexa Skill. However, given the nature of Crazy Stories and the platform in which this Alexa skill resides, there are some privacy complexities we'd like to point out for the sake of full transparency. Having young kids ourselves, we know they can quickly say things they shouldn't have and this content must stay as private as technically possible without completely ruining the fun.

To make the conversation and stories more engaging, Crazy Stories asks for some trivial and non-identifying personal information. For questions like "who is the strongest person in your family?", "what is your favorite food?", or "who is the most annoying person you know?", we might expect answers like "Daddy", "Pizza", and "My little brother Oscar". In this example we would use the values "Daddy", "Pizza" and "Oscar" in spoken sentences. Real names aren't required, and last names shouldn't be used unless it's for famous figures or a teacher's name (e.g Mrs Simpson) etc. In our testing to date, lengthy answers and oversharing of information are not typically accepted as valid responses in full - a small part might be saved, but without any context.

In the rare case that some private and sensitive information is collected by the skill (wether deliberate or accidental), we provide further measures to contain the information. Most importantly, we only use the default Amazon provided storage mechanism for managing Alexa skill data within and between sessions. We do not save or transfer anything to our own servers and even the backend logic for the skill runs on Amazon servers. Finally, we provide ways of asking Crazy Stories to list all the information that is currently stored, and to remove that information if desired. Speaking: "What data have you saved?" and "Delete all data" are just two of the ways of achieving this.


If you have any further queries in regards to the privacy policy or our commitment to your privacy, please feel free to send us an email to Some additional privacy information can be found on our broader Aurita Privacy Policy, including links to specific privacy policies of other software we've published.