Last updated: December 2017

The Fair Football Coach app does not require any personal information to function, and Aurita (the developer and publisher) does not store any data generated by the app.

By default, all information entered into the application (or generated by the application) is stored on the device in the user specific AppData folder. You may enter (or import via .csv) private and personal information into the app, however this is completely optional and never visible to us. There are no connections between the app and our servers.

You may choose to upload and download this data via your personal OneDrive storage that is linked to a Microsoft account. Please note that although the data stored by the app is relatively miniscule, it is your responsibiliy to manage data quoatas and possible expenses related to this Microsoft service. The app's sync feature must be manually triggered by a user, and on first use, a folder named 'Fair Football Coach' is created inside the user's personal 'My Documents' folder within OneDrive. To backup or export your data without relying on the sync to OneDrive feature or operating system backup features, you would need to manually backup contents of the AppData folder.

Like with all Windows Store apps, Microsoft aggregates basic usage details of the app and makes non-identifiable analytics available to the publisher.

Some application settings utilise the roaming settings capability provided by the Windows Store and the Windows Operating System. Neither us nor the app manages the transfer of this data to other Windows devices you may own.


If you have any further queries in regards to the privacy policy or our commitment to your privacy, please feel free to send us an email to office@aurita.com.au. Some additional privacy information can be found on our broader Aurita Privacy Policy, including links to specific privacy policies of other apps we've published.