Last updated: February 2020

We're able to keep this statement fairly brief for you because we do not collect any personal and identifiable information through the ForgetYouNot app and have no desire to do so. Data stored within the app includes app settings, dates of pending and previous invitations, and the contact details of friends selected from your Contacts app. Excluding operating system managed data backups or roaming settings, any information you enter into the app stays on the device - i.e. there's no connection to any of our servers. When you choose to compose an email from within the app however, some information from the app is transferred to your Mail app with the obvious intention of leaving your device. From this point though, you are in control of the information (i.e. email content) that may leave your device via the Mail app, and ForgetYouNot has no visibility of your actions.

From the perspective of your privacy, we feel our use of Microsoft's Visual Studio App Center service for both analytics and crash reporting may be the most noteworthy part. We use this service to monitor and improve the quality of our software. Again, we do not send any personally identifiable information that may have been entered into the app. Please refer to the Microsoft Privacy Statement for more details on what Microsoft may collect as a result of us using their services.

“ForgetYouNot” was developed by Aurita for 64 PLUS.


If you have any further queries in regards to the privacy policy or our commitment to your privacy, please feel free to send us an email to