Internet of Things (IoT) and Bluetooth

Over the past year, many of Aurita's clients have invested heavily in both the hardware and software aspects of their business simultaneously. We have the depth of skill and experience to deliver on both fronts - a far more encompassing set of services than your typical IT consultants. Our versatility not only permits us to be the primary point of contact for our clients, but also removes barriers for the integration of hardware and software. This ultimately provides users with a better experience of your product and service.


Does your app need a physical controller, or should it control LEDs or motors? We can design, build and integrate your Bluetooth Low Energy device for nearby control. If your application is about reporting sensor data to a web server and remote control of your things out there, we can integrate it via Wi-Fi or 4G. If your application requires more local computing power for things like large info screens, voice output, or voice recognition, we can help you with an integrated single-board computer solution.

From a single micro controller over large microcontroller grids to powerful SBC solutions, we can get your things running. We can build you a prototype, provide a schema, and design your PCB. We can also get you in touch with Chinese and Vietnamese factories to produce your product.

Products and Technology

These are just some of the related technologies we have experience with:

Our projects with significant IoT or Bluetooth components

Utilising local device capabilities

Smartphones and tablets demonstrating various sensor technology

There's no need to limit your app to the capabilities of a typical website. Today's modern devices do so much more than just display information. Take full advantage of a device's sensors and components to create the best experience possible.

These are just some of the things modern devices have, or can do, that we have utilised in apps we've developed and published over the years: