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'Geniux Go' (GGo) is a Vespa Type Electric Scooter Sharing program. GGo produces zero carbon emissions as the excess energy from solar panels is used to charge these electric scooters. GGo mobile app allows users to register and become GGo Club members upon selecting a monthly membership subscription package. Through the app, GGo Club members can select an available scooter anywhere GGo rolls out in Australia, book it for a particular time period, ride and return it back to a GGo garage nearby. See the GGo website for more information.


  • IoT development and integration
  • Smart use of single board computers
  • iBeacon emulation and integration
  • Use of Microsoft Azure for web services and communication with IoT components
  • Seamless interaction between Internet of Things components and users
  • Data reporting and visualization
  • Development and integration of Dynamics 365
  • Cross-platform Xamarin development

Aurita has developed for Geniux the complete IT systems to support the GGo business.

Geniux Go (GGo) scooter with Perth CBD in the background.
Geniux Go (GGo) screenshot.

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