Why? Because building apps for each, then maintaining and updating those separate versions can be complex, expensive, and time consuming. That’s where cross-platform apps come in. These apps are able to run on more than just one platform at a time, without developers having to create separate versions of an app's functional code.

Aurita understands that it is crucial for the success of a mobile app to focus on end user needs. With Microsoft’s Xamarin technology to leverage the advantages of a native User Interface (UI), as well as the higher efficiency of a common code base for any business component, we can:

For apps with a simple and straightforward UI, mainly based on input forms and data output, we recommend...


Xamarin Forms is based on platform specific components, however it allows a common definition of the UI. This is the cheapest way to implement a business oriented cross platform app today, and we are highly experienced in writing custom renderers to make this UI feel even more native when necessary.

Using Visual Studio with Xamarin Forms to simultaneously build for iOS, Android and Windows

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android

Whenever an app requires the highest level of a platform specific behaviour and faster performance, we implement different user interface layers for each platform. This might require a bit more investment into your app, but in many use cases it’s worthwhile, giving users the best experience possible.


If your business also requires a Windows front-end, we'll do it for you. For internal staff use or for your clients. We have many years of experience developing and publishing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

C# code

Each of the aforementioned app types can be based on a common business code-base developed in C#. C# is a powerful and extremely mature enterprise standard programming language that's perfectly suited to provide the bedrock for your common software needs. We write our automated tests only once. Whenever you need to change or extend your business rules, we do it just once.

Our Xamarin Projects