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PigPass replaces old-school triplicate paper forms with a modern styled mobile app. Specially made for farmers, working in places frequently lacking data connectivity.

An electronic National Vendor Declaration for transporting livestock is a perfect example for Digital Transformation best done via a mobile app.

PigPass was developed for the stakeholders of our local Canberra based client, Australian Pork Limited.


  • Seamless offline capability
  • Integrating a backend CRM
  • Cross-platform Xamarin development
  • Digital Transformation
PigPass - pigs being transported


While loading and unloading stock there is just no place for an old-style PC. Mobile devices can easily solve this problem.


There is just no Wi-Fi or even data connectivity in many rural areas. Our apps can store data locally then update the central system seamlessly in the background whenever the device regains connectivity.

Multiple User Types

There is a farmer involved who sends the animals, a truck driver, and a receiver - in most cases an abattoir. Even if all parties are using many of the same functions, none of the parties have the same user requirements. For the farmer, transporting pigs is not a business conducted daily, and they may not be an experienced smartphone user. The driver is mainly interested in getting from A to B in a timely fashion. And finally, for the employee in the abattoir, it is a daily job in which they may already be supported by existing internal IT systems.

For us as mobile developers with a strong focus on user centric development, it was a clear case of needing to provide the right user interface for all user types.

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In the words of our client...

APL is the peak industry body for Australian pork producers. We needed to have a system which provided better coverage of our members with more accurate and up to date data.

The aim was to replace our outdated paper-based system with an app to connect the producers with APL’s backend IT system. The problem was, as always, budget constraints.

Plus, many of our producers work in rural areas where there’s no mobile signal coverage. Which meant it was absolutely necessary for the app to function independent of internet connectivity, being able to store the data and sync later.

Working with Aurita for about the past two years (ongoing), has been excellent. The guys are very knowledgeable and have the flexibility to work within the constraints of our Not for Profit organisation environment.

Aurita are very capable, flexible and transparent and provide an all-inclusive service; from business analysis, front-end, cross-platform app development and backend integration with our IT systems and infrastructure – To UX (user experience) and deployment to the App Store, plus workshops for our users.

We are very satisfied and happy with our APL Pig Pass App. Working with Aurita has been great and I would gladly recommend them.

Danang Prasetyo
ICT & Applications Manager

Australian Pork Limited

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