Aurita's Secure Data Apps

A comprehensive security suite for Android - keeping your data, communications, and browsing, private and secure.


  • RSA and AES encryption
  • PGP
  • Smartwatch integration
  • Cross platform / cross device data synchronization
  • Web page integration
  • Email integration
  • NFC
  • QR code generation and scanning
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Secure web login
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Encrypted media capture and playback
Android security suite artwork

Video Safe

Video Safe icon

Download, import or record videos. Hide securely encrypted yet easily accessible.

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Data Vault

Data Vault icon

Keep your sensitive data like passwords, PINs, credit card numbers, and notes securely encrypted on your phone or tablet.

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Keypa - Data Safe and Messenger

Keypa icon

Synced Data Safe, Web Browser and Messenger. AES-256 & RSA end-to-end encryption

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Tree Data

TreeData icon

Organise your data hierarchically structured as a data tree. All data is kept secure using AES-256 encryption.

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