Native Apps

It sounds really tempting to have just one implementation of your app. In many cases this is the better way to go. Sometimes however, reality kicks in and a no-compromise fully native development path is required:

We can analyse your business case and provide advice on what we think is best for you. We are open to both 100% native and cross-platform development pathways.

We are experts in:

Experience with multiple Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

The following image gives a behind the scene look at our highly rated WWII Quiz app open in Apple's Xcode, Google's Android Studio, and Microsoft's Visual Studio. Xcode allows us to focus purely on building the best app for iPhones and iPads. Android Studio lets us focus on the best experience for Android phones, tablets and TVs, in addition to Chromebooks. Visual Studio provides the richest experience for building apps for the Windows Store, including the Xbox One.

WWII Quiz developed with Visual Studio, Android Studio, and Xcode to provide the best experience for each platform.

Our native projects spanning more than one platform