You have an Idea for an App you want built

To help you with your app, plan it out and build the app, and get it up into the App Store and Google Play, there are a couple of things we need to do. Most importantly, we need to discuss your idea.

There is NO charge for this service, it is completely free and will set you on the right path so you will know what to expect from; a) the app building process and b) working with us.

Please complete the NDA; to protect your idea, so we can have a meaningful conversation. It is completely optional, however we have found you will feel more comfortable.

Then, please complete the short questionnaire and schedule a call.

On the call, we will get a better understanding of what you are looking to achieve, and you will gain an understanding of how we work. Based on our experience we will advise you about what is involved and what the next steps are.

Initial Steps to Get Started

Sign NDA

We understand most people who are creating a new product, or a new app, want to protect their new idea. Which is why we have provided you with a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA.

To protect your intellectual property rights, please provide your email address and click on the button to receive your blank NDA, then sign it and return it to us and we will sign the agreement and return it to you before we discuss your idea on the call.

Explore Your Idea

To progress your idea to the next stage, so we can create a plan for the next steps, we will need a clear understanding of:

To help us to quickly gain a clear understanding without wasting time, please:

  1. Complete the short questionnaire
  2. Schedule a call


Please answer the questions below so we can determine what we need to do with your app. No high pressure sales. We're looking for specific details to determine if and how we can help you, and the best path to take should we move forward in creating this. This is your opportunity to shape the outcome of your new app so it’s exactly what you would like it to be.

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